Who we are

Welcome to ENT Clinic

ENT Clinic is located in Tirana. Our clinicians are exceptionally dedicated and highly skilled professionals. They are here to provide treatment, support, advice and practical methods to understand and treat all areas of ear, nose and throat conditions, and complementary care from the fields of dermatology, nutrition, dietetics, speech pathology and nursing.

ENT Clinic reviews and treats children and adults. Our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive treatment to patients of all ages and backgrounds. To achieve this we are involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education, tertiary referral surgery and research in topical areas relevant to our clinical practice.

  • 72 Months of surgery
  • 3200 ENT visits
  • 1100 ENT interventional
  • 7000 Rhinoplasty surgeries
  • 3000 Auriculoplasty surgeries
  • 500 other surgeries
Why choosing us

Our Core Values

By choosing our clinic, you will find a team of top-level physicians with more than 20 years of experience, in a single facility for a full multidisciplinary diagnosis, supported by the latest machinery and technologies. Our key values are perfection and beauty. Our qualified staff uses the latest treatments and technologies to ensure the highest quality of care for patients of all ages. Our certified doctors and associates welcome you to our family at ENT Clinic.


Choosing to listen is the core of patient care center. Through careful listening to your problem and with the help of all the most modern diagnostic tools, we will treat your pathology together, solving it as a success story.


We assure value in every interaction. Thanks to the advanced technology of ENT Clinic, and over 20 years of experience in this sector, the professional and dedicated staff will enable every intervention to be perfect, painless and with a quick recovery.


We work together to ensure the right timely care in the right place. The Department of Surgery, including surgeons and experienced medical staff, provides intensive, real-time care to every patient for each operation.


We are always ready to offer the best assistance through proven methods, professional training and latest technology. Our operating rooms are adapted to all cosmetic procedures offered at our clinic. All interventions are carried out with the most modern equipment and technologies, in one of the best clinical conditions in Albania.