Vocal cord polyps

Entclinic - Polipotomi laringu

Larynx polyps are thought to be caused from abuse of speech, speaking with passion and in some cases may be only for a very strong screaming. Their only treatment is surgical under general anesthesia with shaver through microlaryngoscopy, without breaking the uniformity of cord. The same treatment is used for singer nodes and cysts.

Cancer of the larynx is another cause of voice hoarseness particularly at older ages. It causes hoarseness when placed in the vocal cords, sore throat and difficulty swallowing when placed on the vocal cords and breathing difficulties when placed under the vocal cords. Its treatment in the initial stages is carried out by removal of the measure with shaver and radiofrequency, while in advanced stages must be carried out complete removal of the larynx. Shaver and radiofrequency treatment in the initial stages preserves the quality of sound and provides complete control of the disease.