Endoscopic FESS Sinus surgery

Entclinic - Kirurgjia endoskopike funksionale e sinuseve

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery consists of eradication of various diseases of the sinuses with a special endoscope, under visual control through their natural openings. This intervention is carried in the nasal polyposis, chronic sinuses, complexities sinuses with abscess surrounding the eye, sinuses and mucous tumors mostly with benign character.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the duration depends on the affected sinuses.

Nasal polyps are benign tumor masses that in most cases the origin are the sinuses that extend into the nasal cavity to block it completely. Often they are the result of allergy and associate with bronchial astem, various bacterial infections or fungal etc. These measures cause to the sufferer breathing difficulty through the nose, watery secretions, headaches, and the patient often suffers from sinusitis.

Treatment consists of removing them through endoscopy, initially all the sinuses get cleaned through natural openings and then lifting the measures in the nasal cavity. Complications of endoscopic surgery are the same as open surgery.

Endoscopic surgery is the used treatment in chronic sinuses which have different causes. The intervention consists primarily in the elimination of the cause and then clean all the affected sinus infection and expand their natural opening to ensure optimum drainage of secretions. The same technique is used in the sinus mucous and also in sinuses complications with abscess around the eye.